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Keen to give Little Athletics a go?

We are so excited to meet you! The volunteers at Maroochy Little Athletics are parents ourselves, and have seen the fun and benefits of our kids participating first-hand. But we also understand that a 6-month season is a big commitment (and a big expense if you only end up coming twice!).

Maroochy Little Athletics offers a program that caters for Tiny Tots (3-4 year olds) to Under 17s, and our season usually runs from early September to late March. The following 'Age Table' and 'Registration Fees' will be of interest to you in your decision making.

We have two options for you to come and give it a go before committing to the whole season.

  1. 'Come and Try Day' - The 2023/2024 season will be the first that we offer 2 specific days in August, prior to the season starting, where new little athletes can come and try some of the events. There is no cost associated with these evenings and no forms to fill in. We will have a sign-in page available to fill in. Parent volunteers will be around to help answer any questions and facilitate the activities. Check out our 'Key Dates' to find out when our next 'Come and Try Day' is.

  2. Register as a 'Trialling Athlete'. In the month of September you can register as a Trialling Athlete. This is where your child can participate in the full program for two of our Centre Meets for just $10. 

With either of these options, please come straight to the 'shed' at Maroochydore State High School by 5:20 on the evening you wish to participate so we can help ensure your athlete is signed in, ready to go, and guide you on where the appropriate groups are for the evening.

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