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Weekly Results

An athlete's results in events are both interesting and helpful - even if your little athlete isn't particularly competitive or highly skilled. At Maroochy Little Athletics we encourage athletes to do their best, and to strive toward continuous improvement. Being aware of how fast they usually run a particular distance, or what their best throw or jump distance is, can be an easy way to show their progress - even if they are coming last in every race. It's a fantastic mode for encouragement and motivation. These results are also helpful in being able to see how your athlete is tracking in working toward the green, red or blue levels of McDonald's Awards.

With this in mind, we utilise a system called Results HQ. When you register as a family (as well as the individual athletes), a parent can view the results for all of their children with one simple login. It will show you clearly their latest results, where they have achieved a personal best, as well as historical results. Scroll further down to find specific instructions on how to navigate Results HQ. 

At Maroochy Little Athletics results are usually uploaded by the following morning after weekly competitions.



1. Visit and login using your email address and the password you established when you signed up.

2. Once you have logged in, this is the screen you will see. Each of your athletes and their latest achievements are listed here. In the lead up to a meet you will also see the events your athlete can expect to compete in next. The drop down at the top ('Family Name') will lead you to account details for you to update as needed.

3. If you click on one of the events listed you will find a details summary of how your athlete has performed in that event across the season on the left, and a season summary on the right. Yellow stars represent Personal Bests (PB's). If you then register for a second season this becomes a drop down so you can view previous seasons. From here you can select any other event to view the same type of information about that event.

4. Clicking on 'Calendar' (on the green bar across the top) will show you a calendar of events that your athlete is currently registered for. This will include our local meets and the events that are anticipated to be run that evening.

5. 'Nominations' is where you will find broader opportunities to compete, including LAQ events. Most of these events can only be registered for online.

6. 'Records' refers to the Maroochy Little Athletics Centre Records. These are recorded both at home and away. If you are interested to see how your athlete's performance compares to the current records, this is a great place to look.

7. The 'Achievement Book' provides some biographical information and technique advice from leaders in their field - athletes who started in Little Athletics and have since gone on to represent at national and international levels.

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