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It isn't whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!

At Maroochy Little Athletics we take a great deal of pleasure in recognising the achievements of our athletes. The high point of our celebrations is an awards afternoon at the end of the season where we recognise both exceptional skill and dedicated effort and improvement throughout the season. Our year level trophies are awarded for most improved boy and girl in each age group, while other special awards recognise dedication and outstanding performance. 

In addition to our awards afternoon at the end of the season, there are many opportunities during the season for recognition.

McDonalds Certificates (U6 – U17 athletes).  Levels are achieved for personal improvement in event groups at specific levels set out by Little Athletics Queensland. The McDonalds Achievement Card will be in your Registration pack. Athletes are encouraged to monitor their own achievements through their performances recorded on ResultsHQ and colour the respective dots in. Certificates will be allocated by our Awards Officer when Group Levels are achieved and they will be placed in the age group folders for distribution to the individual athletes by the Age Managers.  Once athletes have achieved a Group Level they may bring their cards in to be updated by our Awards Officer if they wish. Sample cards for Boys & Girls showing the Green, Red & Blue levels are on display on our notice board for your guidance.


Levels are provided by LAQ after considering athlete performances of the various age groups (boys & girls) throughout the State and these are reviewed by our State Association.


Tiny Tots will receive participation & encouragement awards throughout the season as allocated by the Co-ordinator.  Their involvement is not monitored by performances.


Athlete of the Month Award (Sponsor voucher)– Each month an athlete is selected by Centre Manager and Executive and they will be presented with this award based on Improvement criteria and general  sportsmanship to fellow athletes at Centre meets.


Encouragement Awards (Sponsor coupons) are presented to athletes who have shown improvement in their own performances and participation during the weekly meets within their specific age groups.  

Vouchers and certificates are placed in the Age group folders each week for distribution to the athletes by the Age Managers.

Athletes are encouraged to “BE YOUR BEST” and work on improving your own Personal Best Performances throughout the Season.

Awards Criteria
McDonalds Certificates
Athlete of the Month
Encouragement Awards
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