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The following policies are in place for athlete safety and compliance with LAQ and government regulations. We thank you for your support in upholding these standards.


Communications Policy

Communication is key to the smooth running of Maroochy Little Athletics. We utilise 3 key modes of communication to ensure our members are kept up-to-date.

  1. Email - As a registered member you can expect to receive a monthly email update. Occasionally during the season there may be cause for an additional update, however we will endeavour not to flood your inbox. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please click here.

  2. Website - This website is regularly updated to contain the most up-to-date information about upcoming events and the current season's competition. Key pages you'll be interested in include:

    1. Competition Information - for information about the current season​

    2. News - to view a web version of the latest email updates

    3. Home - where we have an up-to-date stream of notices on Facebook (particularly handy for wet weather notifications)

  3. Facebook - Here you will find the very latest, including wet weather notifications, celebrations of achievements and other helpful information. Don't have Facebook? No worries. We have connected a live feed of the Facebook page to the home page of our website here.


Wet Weather Policy

In the event of wet weather, extreme heat conditions or weather warnings such as lightning storms, weekly meets and coaching sessions may be cancelled depending on conditions.

The decision to cancel will be made by the Centre Manager and Facilities Officer and notification will be made by 5pm prior to competition nights or 30mins prior to coaching sessions on Facebook with links to website.


We take any cancellations and the safety of our Athletes and Families seriously and will not make a final decision until we are completely satisfied that we cannot go ahead with any events.

Fun in the Rain
Wet Weather
State competitors 2023.JPG

Uniform Policy

Uniform items are available at our Friday night meets. Please see our Uniform Officer at the Shed.

All athletes, once registered from Tiny Tots to U17 must wear the Maroochy Little Athletics sublimated Polo, Singlet or Crop Top (new options!!!) in our centre colours of Royal Blue/White with either bike pants or shorts from the start of our season. Athletes can wear their own bike pants or sport shorts but they must be in line with the Maroochy Little Athletics Uniform style and colours of Royal Blue or Black. 

Uniforms are compulsory for all athletes at centre weekly meets, LAQ carnivals and competitions or if attending another centre carnival.

In July 2023 LAQ has advised us of some adjustments to their uniform policy. They have advised that ALL athletes (regardless of age) may now choose either the polo, crop top or singlet. For details, please see below.

*Important to Note
Under Little Athletics guidelines, all athletes must display their athlete number, McDonald's age label and Coles patch correctly. Athletes who choose to wear the crop top or singlet will need to position their age label on the left side of their shorts/bike pants. Details are provided in the new LAQ Uniform Policy below.

Uniform Labels.png

Footwear Policy

Enclosed footwear is compulsory for all Athletes competing at our centre and in all Little Athletics carnivals and competitions. Spike shoes (U11-17) must be carried in a suitable bag between events.

Any person seeking exemption from wearing shoes must support their application with a relevant medical certificate on the day of competition, before competing.

Spike shoes are optional for U11-U17 only, but use must be inline with the following guidelines. 


Running Shoes

Codes of Conduct


Maroochy Centre provides an environment of enjoyment and good sportsmanship.

It is expected that all athletes and/or families will abide by the following to maintain that positive environment:

  • Unsportsman-like language, harassment or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated

  • Respect the rules and Officials' decisions

  • Positively encourage children to "Be their Best"

  • Encourage a child to participate in all events offered to their respective age grouping

  • Treat others in the way that you wish to be treated

  • Parents/carers are asked to be present and assisting  - this may include being an Age Manager or helping on a specific event


Health Policy

In line with government regulations, we request that any athletes or family members who are displaying symptoms of illness exercise common sense, and do not attend. We trust you support us in not wanting to see any illness spread throughout the group.

As an outdoor facility, we follow the health guidelines for outdoor community sports. At present there are no restrictions listed, however we have listed relevant links below for more up-to-date information. 

All Families and Athletes attending Maroochy are asked to continue good hygiene through washing or sanitising hands and equipment as necessary. Hand sanitiser is provided at the centre.

Link to Current Government Guidelines

Personal Hygiene
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