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Policies and Guidelines

The following policies and guidelines are in place for athlete safety and compliance with LAQ and government regulations. We thank you for your support in upholding these standards.

Other Specific Policies not covered here can be found on the LAQ website.

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Code of Conduct

Maroochy Centre provides an environment of enjoyment and good sportsmanship.​​

It is expected that all athletes and/or families will abide by the following to maintain that positive environment:​

  • Unsportsman-like language, harassment or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated​

  • Respect the rules and Officials' decisions​

  • Positively encourage children to "Be their Best"​

  • Encourage a child to participate in all events offered to their respective age grouping​

  • Treat others in the way that you wish to be treated​

  • Parents/carers are asked to be present and assisting  - this may include being an Age Manager or helping on a specific event

Blue Card Policy

All Committee Members of must have or apply for a Blue Card - Working with Children.


Maroochy Little Athletics Centre maintains the Blue Card Organisational Portal as their required current Blue Card database.

LAQ Blue Card Policy August 2023

Hand Wash

Health Policy

We request that any athletes or family members who are displaying symptoms of illness exercise common sense, and do not attend. We trust you support us in not wanting to see any illness spread throughout the group.

As an outdoor facility, we follow the health guidelines for outdoor community sports.

All Families and Athletes attending Maroochy are asked to continue good hygiene through washing or sanitising hands and equipment as necessary. Hand sanitiser is provided at the centre.

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