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Parent Help

There are many ways that parents/guardians can help at a Little Athletics meet and we look forward to your involvement assisting us to run a successful Competition night of events.

We have a set program that we need to follow to ensure the athletes

get fair trials and can navigate all their events without too many

clashes. Age group numbers may need to be taken into account here


HANDY HINT instructions are provided in each of the equipment

containers at the field events so please ensure you follow these.

Weights of field event implements for age groups are included.


Age Manager

Every Age group is required to have an AGE MANAGER before they can proceed to their scheduled events. Assemble 5.30pm for warm-ups prior to competition start.


Age Managers are identified by a coloured tag with age number on it. These are found in the Age Group (black) folders.  

Parents from that age group are required to assist at all events.


AGE GROUP FOLDERS  (black document holders) contents:

  • 4 Weekly Program of event – adhered inside of folder lid

  • Age Manager Responsibilities – adhered inside folder base

  • Ipad for respective age group – recording all field events

  • Exercise Book – marking off weekly attendance sheet & any specific recording not on Ipad

  • Plastic folder – Any Awards & Certificates to be given out to athletes

  • Lanyard with AGE GROUP number – Age Manager to wear during competitions


Please return your  folder to the Shed (equipment table) at end of competition. Red baskets and Blue drink holders are available for each age group. ALL AGE GROUPS MUST check with Centre Manager if you need to change order of your events.


  • TRACK EVENTS: Age Managers  Report to the Starter (or Assistant) with your group for scheduled track events. One of the parent helpers to stay with athletes to assist at the START LINE. The Age Manager goes to the finish line to meet with athletes after their track event. Athletes are to remain in their lanes until they are given their place ticket before proceeding to the table for recording purposes.  Performances are recorded on laptop at the finish line.


  • FIELD EVENTS: Athletes are given three attempts at all field events, all attempts are measured and recorded. (This can be reduced to a practise and then two measures if running against time).

Any disciplinary action required must be reported to the Centre Manager or Secretary.


Toilet trips must be taken in twos or with a parent – no-one is to go on their own.


RESULTS are recorded on a laptop at the finish line & on Ipads for field – these are uploaded to ResultsHQ at the end of the competition.

You can now relax, join the athletes and enjoy some yummy food from our Canteen !

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